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Open Streets Fort CollinsDowntown Grand Junction Car ShowFruita Fall FestivalHigh Plains Comedy Festival DenverCrested Butte Film FestivalDoors Open DenverTaste of Old Colorado CityLake City Wine and Music FestivalPueblo Chile & Frijoles FestivalTelluride Cars and Colors

And here is a little bit about Colorado Event Guide efforts:

Born and raised in Colorado – I have family in nearly every part of our great state.  From a homestead in the San Luis Valley over 100 years ago, to close and distant relatives in every city along the front range, western slope, northwest, southeast, and literally, all over Colorado –  I only mention this as I consider it a huge part of who I am and why I ultimately pursue my Colorado focused endeavors.

My grandmother, Jan Lindgren, (who passed away in February 2014 and who we all miss a tremendous amount) was a historian, and in her later years recorded vast histories of Colorado individuals and families in her side business effort (she interviewed and captured memories of more than 75 members of one southern Colorado family alone!).  For a number of years I helped my Grandmother convert these interview recordings to digital formats – and along the way I’d sometimes catch short quips and stories and it fascinated me about how much local celebrations made a (usually very joyful) impact or memory in people’s lives.  From larger events like the stock show, to smaller, local festivals and gatherings, everyone recalled great memories and seemed to have a fun story or something interesting to share about an event celebration  that took place in their lives (baking pies for the county fair, showing art at a local event, going to “town” for a holiday or get-together) – indeed, the smaller the community the larger the gathering scope seemed to play such a key local/community centric role in the very “identity” of that area.

To segue, in participating and volunteering on the board of our main local community festival for well over a decade, I continued to see firsthand just how significant these local gatherings and celebrations are to the people of each city and town across the state.  Each of my relatives and friends across the state clamor something to the effect “You just have to visit us during the ______ festival! Its so much FUN!”

And so it began – I started to actively visit and catalog these Colorado events and festivals – first for our personal family travels and weekend adventure excursions, and eventually I started putting things together online at  . . .

By visiting Colorado Event Guide, I hope to invite you to discover your own Celebrations and Destinations across this beckoning state, and to make a Colorado memory of your own.

Thank you for stopping by,
Founder Mick

– In Memory of ‘GG’ –

– While inviting us & teaching us of Our Colorado past,
you introduced me to amazing people & places I hold dear, always. –

I Love you Grandma,

Dedicated to GG - Jan Lindgren – Dedicated to “GG” (Great Grandma) – Jan Lindgren –